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         I am SHE just like YOU.  I am the mother, sister, friend, wife, cousin, aunt, niece, God-mother, daughter, co-worker, writer, leader, dreamer, doer, believer, educated, event planner, wedding coordinator, member of a sorority, volunteer, and I am sure there are many more that I didn't list.  I wear several hats yet I find time to focus on myself, my passion and my purpose in life.  I am an aspiring writer, a personal and professional life coach, a speaker, and I work full time in corporate America.

       For years I witnessed successful everyday women going above and beyond their daily jobs to do things that impacted and changed the lives of others.  These women didn’t serve and give to receive recognition they gave and served because it was their purpose and passion in life.  They saw this as a way of fulfilling their life purpose. 

      I was just like these women.  I worked every day however I had a passion and a life purpose that lived within me.  I wanted more than just my 9-5.  I wanted to create a platform where all these women would join together, share their successes, their new found business, their organizations, and their life stories with one another.  I had a vision to host an event, a networking event that would celebrate women and acknowledge them for their contribution to the sisterhood of women everywhere.

     I asked God to show me how this organization should look, how I was to build it and how I was to share it with others.  He gave me She ROCKS It-Celebrating Women Who ROCK!  I was in awe because I asked for something that would be for all women, he gave me SHE, I wanted something to represent the pillar and strength of women in the families, on their jobs and in the community, he gave me ROCKS, I wanted to represent all that we do, he gave me IT representing everything we touch, everything we do, everything we seek to accomplish. The final part was what I had a desire to do which was Celebrate Women, which created She ROCKS It-Celebrating Women Who ROCK.  He showed me a day celebration where women would come together smiling, excited to meet new women, dressed classy and sassy in their soulful best.  This inspired me to host the annual award networking party the “EVENT”.

Joyce Dawkins-Founder